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Gabriel Picone

Professor, Department of Economics


Research Interest: His research interests are in the areas of health economics and applied microeconometrics models. He has published over 15 peer-reviewed publications including contributions in the Rand Journal of Economics, Review of Economic and Statistics, Journal of Health Economics, and Health Economics. He received the President’s Faculty Award for Excellence in 2003 at the University of South Florida.


Phone: (813) 974-6537

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Christopher R. Thomas

Associate Professor, Department of Economics


Research Interest: Dr. Thomas’ areas of research interest include (1) antitrust issues concerning behavior of dominant firms such as pursuit of market share and predatory practices, and (2) economics of sustainable business practices with particular emphasis on the economic rationale and welfare consequences of firms' decisions to undertake unprofitable investments in "green" production techniques beyond those needed to comply with environmental regulations.


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Graduate Student



Ozan Ozcan

PhD. Student - Graduate Assistant
USF, Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, College of Engineering


Research Interest: Technology Management – Product Development, Project Management, Strategic Management, Process Analysis


Phone: (813) 841-6961

Fax    (813) 974-5953


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Michael W. Kelly

Educational Technology Group

Research Interest: The integration of technology into instructional design for online learning and distant education. He has worked in Research and Development and Quality Assurance in the medical device industry for 18 years.  He has been responsible for Quality Systems, Audits, Risk Management, and Verification and Validation for Class III medical devices.


Phone: (813)974-5582

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Kingsley A. Reeves, Ph.D., MBA

Assistant Professor, USF, Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, College of Engineering


Research Interest: His research interest centers on the creation of value across the extended supply chain. His work is interdisciplinary in nature and draws upon theory from industrial organization, organizational behavior, financial engineering, and corporate strategy. His current research focuses on inter-organizational and intra-organizational collaboration within the healthcare supply chain.


Phone: (813) 974-3352

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Geary A. Havran, MBA

NDH Medical, Inc


Research Interest:


Phone: (727) 570-2293 EXT 31

Fax    : (727) 570-3793